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Please come in and meet my babies!

Hello. I'm Susan Running,
and I have been breeding and showing Shih Tzus for the last 25 years!
I am so excited to show you my lovely puppies.
Susan Running
The passion I truly have for this wonderful, loving breed is beyond words.

Feel free to phone me with any question: 928-442-9558.
Future show-potential puppies and pet puppies as well!!


My Mission is to Breed
The Best Shih Tzu Puppies in Arizona.

Suling's Puppies from Beginning to Owners

I have been breeding for approximately 25 years. Many of the quality breeders do not breed for this length of time due to some of the heart breaking happenings to these precious little newborns. I have found no matter how carefully you try to breed, you will never be exempt from tragedies. The longer you breed there is always the likelihood of something new happening during the birthing, a puppy having a abnormality that will prevent it from living, etc. If a long time breeder says they have never had problems, they are not telling the truth.

When deciding to breed, I make sure that the pair is in good health. I usually breed my females 3 times up to the age of 5 or 6 years of age. There are the exceptions, when I may breed them four times.. That depends on their health, if they whelp easily and if the puppies are exceptional. After the first breeding ,it is usually a 62 days gestation period to when the puppies are whelped.

Two weeks before the anticipated birth, I bring into my bedroom a 3' x 3' cage. I prepare the cage with layers beginning with a blanket to make sure the cold from the floor does not reach the newborns. I then put a cloth bed pad to prevent any moisture reaching the blanket. I then place a large lamb's wool so the puppies are on a soft covering. I place a baby bumper around the inside of the cage on top of the bedding to prevent the puppies from getting their tiny heads going through the cage wires and also to prevent drafts from reaching them. I cover the cage with a blanket, being careful not to cover the cage door, so the mother can get out to go potty out the doggy door to the side yard.

A week before the expected puppies are due, I bring the female into my bedroom to stay with me until the puppies are born. Upon my seeing that the expectant mom is going into labor, I bring in the whelping box and instinctively she will go into it. I cover it with a large towel to make her feel like she is in a cave and she is not bothered by my moving around. I am always at the birthing, helping with the delivery and making sure the puppy is breathing and the airway is clear, and checking there are no obvious defects like a cleft lip or pallet. I partially dry them with a soft cloth and then return the puppy to it mother. Usually the puppy finds a teat and starts nursing. If the puppy is having problems finding one, I am there to help. This process is followed with each new puppy. I keep the whelping box on my bed until I know the mother and the puppies are settled. I will then place all of them in the prepared cage where they will stay until the puppies are 5 to 6 weeks old. When the puppies are 2 to 3 days old, I remove their dew claws. I keep the puppies in my room so if any problems develop, I am available.

For the first two weeks, I get down on my knees, leaning in the cage and checking the puppies at least 4 to 5 times a day, carefully handling each puppy. This is the beginning of their socialization process to the human touch. After two weeks, the puppies are becoming more active because their eyes and ears have opened and they can see and hear their surroundings. By four weeks, they are coming into their own. Their personalities are developing and the puppies are learning to play with each other and with soft toys that are provided. I start to introduce the puppies to watered down puppy chow. This is the time that the puppies are really beginning to be fun. I will place a blanket on the floor outside the cage and let the puppies run around. At this time the mother begins to play with her puppies. Often there will be a puppy that is somewhat timid. I immediately handle the pup more and play with it. In time, this additional attention brings the pup out of it shell, so to speak At 5 weeks, the puppies are getting out of the cage, climbing over the barrier I have place over part of the cage door. By this time, the mother is saying, I am not going to clean up after the pups anymore and it is me winding up cleaning the cage 3 to 4 times a day. The washing machine is now working overtime. It is now time for me to transfer the litter to the dog room with the adults. They are placed in another cage exactly like the one they left minus all the bedding. I place a large soft pillow for them to lay on. They also have a water bottle to drink from hanging on the cage. This cage has a pan underneath covered with a pad to catch any of their droppings. Much easier for me to change, rather than having all the washing to do. Life is becoming easier as they get older. 6 weeks is when they begin to learn that the grass is where they are to go potty. I first drag them in a basket outside. This is also the age that they get their first puppy shot. At about 7 weeks they are following me outside from their cage as I call, "Puppy, Puppy, Puppy."

They love the outdoors, romping and stomping through the grass, chewing the bushes and some loving to dig in the dirt. They have developed the pecking order. I am always close to the puppies when they are outdoors because of where I live. There are Red Tail Hawks that would have no trouble in picking up a small puppy. Starting at 8 weeks the puppies love to face each other and bark as loud as they can at each other. At times my home sounds like I have a gaggle of geese.

At 9 weeks comes the time for their second puppy shot. They are now fluffy, happy bundle of joys getting excited to go to their new homes and by this time, so am I!!!


At Suling Shih Tzu, our puppies are raised in a loving, home environment.

All our shih tzu puppies are cared for and given the attention they need to become
Loving Family Members.

A Suling Shih Tzu Puppy Will Make You Proud.

Suling Shih Tzu : A breeder you can trust.

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