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Susan Running
Telephone 928-442-9558 for more information.
Future show-potential puppies and pet puppies as well!!

Puppy Purchasing Policies
And Guarantee


Puppies are usually sold on a spay/neuter contract and are not to be bred. All breeding stock are DNA tested for Juvenile Renal Dysplasia.

Concerning the sale of show puppies, I do sell to qualified persons, who are serious about showing the puppy and are willing to sign a contract stating such. Contact me by telephone (928-442-9558) and I will let you know if one is available.

My quality puppies sell for $1200. When paying for a puppy or putting a deposit down on a puppy, I accept certified checks, money orders, Postal money orders and cash. Personal checks are not accepted, unfortunately.

I know each and everyone of you is anxious to take possession of your puppy, but I keep these little darlings at my home and in my care until they are at least 10 weeks old. In the event that the puppy you have picked is younger than the age of 10 weeks old, a non-refundable $100 deposit to hold your puppy will be needed the day you decide you want him/her. Of course it is applied to your total amount when you pick up the puppy. If you are from another state, you have 5 business days from the day you decide to mail me a deposit to hold the puppy. May I suggest that Priority mail is the best and cheapest way to handle it. If you decide after a week or two that you have changed your mind and no longer want the puppy, I will understand, but do remember that the deposit is non-refundable. Be sure a Shih Tzu is what you really want. They are a life long obligation with special needs when it comes to grooming and care. Remember also, that they are indoor dogs.

Puppies can be shipped via major airlines flying out of Phoenix. I will take a puppy to the Phoenix airport and check it onto a flight for $40. I recommend Continental because of the care they take of the puppies, but flight arrangements and cost are the responsible of the buyer. I will use my shipping crates to ship the puppies. You are responsible to return to me within two weeks of delivery my crate. Or you may be able to purchase one from the airlines that you can able to keep.

I will not ship the puppy, if the money owed has not been received by me in total (puppy + shipping) at least 2 days before flight time. I have never, in my 21 years, had a problem in the loss of a puppy, thank God. If something were to happen, the puppy is automatically insured and your money would be covered by the airlines. All papers, Puppy's AKC registration, shot record, pedigree will be mailed Priority mail to you as soon as I have received your full payment. I do not like to include them when sending the puppy because they could be lost in shipping.

I know that if you choose one of my puppies, you will not regret one moment. I breed for the finest quality in temperament, conformation, and a pretty face. They are personally loved by me to bring out the very best the puppy has to offer. It will take only a couple of days at their new home to be following you everywhere and start the bonding with you that will develop through the course of their lifetime.

These puppies will love you unconditionally now and forever.

Phone Susan at (928-442-9558) for more information.

Suling Shih Tzu's
Susan Running


Hello. My name is Susan Running, and I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my precious Shih Tzu's with you!

My love for this exceptional breed has kept me showing and breeding over 21 years now!

It's so wonderful to watch your babies grow up to be beauties. And when they win ribbons... oh the thrill!!

But the biggest thrill of all is finding a loving home for each and every one of them!

I hope you enjoy these pictures of my gorgeous shih tzu's!

Feel free to phone me with any question: 928-442-9558.

Susan Running's
Shih Tzu Issues

The #1 killer of the Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, and Wheaton Terrier younger puppies, up to 2-years-old, is Juvenile Renal Dysphasia.   It is an hereditary kidney disease that is carried by one or both of the parents, usually both.   If a puppy has this disease, it is always fatal.  A single marker is considered a carrier, and a double marker is considered affected.   The problem with this disease it that the affected should all die but that does not appear to be true.   Forty to fifty percent of these puppies survive, and the disease will be passed on.  There seems to be another factor, unknown to scientists at this time, as to why these puppies live.  An incomplete gene maybe, who knows.

DNA testing by a lab in Detroit have singled out these markers to let you know what the puppies are:   Clear (no genetics of the disease), Carrier or Affected.

My first darling black/white female puppy had the disease, and I found out when she was 6 months old.   I swore that whenever a test came about to stop this disease, I would go to any lengths to save the families who come to me for puppies not to have to go through the sadness of losing them.  That was 25 years ago.  The test did not become available for over 15 years.

When I first tested my kennel nine years ago, of 17 dogs, 9 were affected and the rest were carriers.   I had no clear dogs.  I spayed/neuter the 9 dogs that were affected, one being a Champion of the breed.   After 9 years, starting by testing every puppy at the cost of $100 each, I now have a kennel that is completely clear of the JRD disease.   It took thousands of dollars and almost a decade to rid my kennel of this deadly disease.   These puppies are like my babies, and their health and welfare are far more important to me than any monetary expense.   I am trying to do my part to preserve this wonderful, delightful, loving breed.

Feel free to phone me with any question: 928-442-9558.

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